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The tape dispenser has
finally been reinvented!

TapePal is the most revolutionary product to hit the stationery market in a very long time. Just attach the TapePal to your everyday sized roll of tape and away you go. This makes using your tape faster, smoother and frustration free everytime you use it.

What is TapePal?

TapePal is a compact hand-held tape dispenser that works with a regular sized roll of 25mm wide sticky tape. There's no need to buy a small throw away tape dispenser or the bulky desktop type, just attach the TapePal to your regular sized roll of tape, and away you go!

TapePals advantages...

  • You'll never lose the end of your tape.
  • Buy it once, use it forever!
  • The hidden spring finger holds the TapePal firm to the reel of tape for a smooth delivery everytime.
  • It stores away with your tape so it's ready to use.
  • Stainless steel teeth ensure the ultimate cut.
  • The concealed spring finger makes it very child friendly!
  • Uses up to 85% less plastic than a desktop tape dispenser, making TapePal kinder to the environment.
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Are you new to TapePal? Here are some tips that may help

tapepal tip

Tip 1: For those that have never used a TapePal, it is instinctive that you'd want to pick it up and hold the reel, STOP! Hold the TapePal in one hand and extract the tape with your other, let the reel of tape run free.

tapepal tip

Tip 2: To maximise on a smooth extraction of tape from your TapePal, pull the tape in an upwards direction so the non sticky side of the tape glides against the smooth arc within.

tapepal tip

Tip 3: This is very rare, but if for some unknown reason the TapePal kicked back on itself and trapped your tape, this is easily solved by pushing the TapePal forward on the reel of tape to release it.

They are exceeding all expectations and forecasts, good news for you!

Nicola Munro, Qwerkity Purchaser

TapePal has made presents wrapping hassle free and much more enjoyable, I love it!

Chris Goodwin, Cambridge

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